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Wrinkle-Free Packing: Your Guide to Travel in Style

wrinkle-free packing

You picked out the perfect destination outfits, and are looking forward to a seamless travel experience … and then you sit down to pack. Glancing at your wide array of fabrics and styles, the task of getting everything packed in an orderly fashion suddenly seems insurmountable. The last thing you want is for your perfect outfits to be in disarray when you arrive at your destination.

Travel Tips for Wrinkle-Free Packing

Who wants to worry about wrinkly clothes when you have a new destination to explore. Here are some travel tips for wrinkle-free packing so you can always travel in style:

Roll clothing.

Keep in mind that this is ideal for items like a medium weight, softer T-shirts, and knit tops; you will need to find alternate methods for more delicate items. It is a great way to maximize space in your luggage. Lay the shirt out flat and smooth out any wrinkles. Fold the shirt in half lengthwise, and fold the sleeves over the side. Slowly roll down the length of the shirt tightly, from the collar down to the bottom hem. With pants, lay them flat and then fold one pant leg over the other. Fold them in half, so the bottom hemline lines up with the waistline, and roll the pants tightly from top to bottom.

Overlap garments.

In order to keep your delicate items from getting wrinkled in transit, fold them around items like sweaters (that have a cushion-like feel.) With a pair of dress pants, lay the top half of them in your suitcase, place a sweater on top of that and smooth it over, and then fold the bottom of the pant legs over that. Try to fold the apparel as few times as necessary, in order to avoid creases.

Use plastic.

If at all possible, wrap your delicates in plastic! It works to reduce friction, which is what causes wrinkles in your garments. Grab some plastic dry-cleaner bags and place all hang-up items inside (one outfit per bag) and enjoy wrinkle-free apparel when you open your luggage. Another useful way to use plastic is to store toiletries and even shoes inside sealed bags to keep them separate from your clothing.

Bundle wrap.

A new trend for packing is bundle wrapping, based on the simple concept of wrapping clothes around a core object, avoiding the creases that come from folding. Clothing is wrapped in a specific order so that the wrinkle-prone items end up on the outside of the bundle, with a larger curvature radius, while the less delicate items are bundled tighter on the inside. As you begin bundling, start with the outer layer, moving from jackets to dresses and long-sleeved shirts, to slacks, sweaters and finally shorts. The final bundle should be strapped down, and this type of packing works best with a structured suitcase.

While there are many different ways of wrinkle-free packing, you will find the way that works best for the types of clothing you bring along. If possible, a safe option is to pack fabrics that are less prone to wrinkling. However, when that is not possible, it may take a little extra time to show those delicates some TLC, so they are ready to go as soon as you unpack.

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