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Turn a Women’s Long Shirt into an Accessory

Two Strategies That Rack Up Many Uses

The women’s long shirt has rendered us stylish for many years. Some variations have cycled in and out rather quickly. But the button-up version remains a staple through fashion trends of all sorts. And now, wearers of the beloved long shirt have even figured out how to turn the favorite into an accessory instead!

Transform Your Women’s Long Shirt Into an Accessory

Repurpose your favorite button up shirt, like the SF Shirt from P. Taylor Clothing, into an actual accessory.

  • Slip it on as a lightweight jacket for a day or night out and about.
  • Let the collar, cuffs or tail accent your outer layer when you wear your women’s long shirt underneath.
  • Use it as a belt for a casual dress or other ensemble.
  • Tie it loosely around your neck as a scarf or shoulders as a shawl.
  • Wear it as a swimsuit cover-up during your beach adventure.

The SF Shirt comes in many colors besides just white or black, including Nude, Heather Blue, Heather Grey, Navy and Moss. So when you wear your long shirt as an accessory, you can add dramatic contrast or a splash of color to your outfit.

Make Your Long Shirt a Canvas, and Your Accessories the Art

Another strategy for turning your women’s long shirt into an accessory is to make it the background for a show-stopping accessory. You’re essentially letting your shirt and accessories swap functions. For example, wear your long button-up shirt with a:

You might be surprised at how stunning your long shirt can be as the backdrop as other items take center stage!

Remember, when it comes to wearing your women’s long shirt as an accessory, it can:

  1. Be an outer or under layer offering splashes of color or contrast.
  2. Function as a scarf, shawl, belt or swimsuit cover-up.
  3. Be your canvas for striking artwork in many different forms (jewelry, vest, scarf, belt).

Find your favorite women’s long shirt at PTaylorClothing.com today, and wear it as your main piece or as an accessory, for seasons to come.

You can also read more on fashion tips in our eBook, How to Choose the Perfect Shirt for your Body type!