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Style Tips for Wearing Leather Clothing

Dear Leather Jacket,

Thank you for making me feel instantly chic the minute I put you on. You will always have a special place in my wardrobe, but we need to talk. I have found other leather clothing with fashion & style, and it’s time for you to move over and let leather leggings, pants and skirts be a part of my life, too.

It’s not you, it’s me.

I want to round out my wardrobe and these other leather pieces that offer me as much style as you, and they complete me. They get along with all of my other clothes, and make me feel like a million bucks.

Lots of Choices

Gone are the days when the only leather look was a black biker jacket with a pair of jeans.
There are so many more leather clothing choices these days; you can put together an entire Leather outfit with fashion and style in no time at all.

The popular leather looks today are feminine and sharp, and can go anywhere. Leather comes in all colors, and you can find everything from leather full-length or cropped pants, to scarves, hats, jackets, and skirts. Once only to be found at high-end stores, you can now find leather in almost every store.

Popular looks for this season are sleek leather leggings or pants with a pretty knit sweater or blouse. They are even making leather “tuxedo” pants – stunning with a black turtleneck and black leather heels.

Lots of Colors

Leather comes in lots of colors! Beige, gray, brown, red, orange, and yellow – don’t just stick with black!

Pairing a beige or gray leather jacket with a big necklace and matching leather pants creates a sleek look that can go anywhere. For a really feminine look, tuck a soft blouse into a mid-length leather skirt. Adding a leather piece in any color will ramp up your outfit from nice to fashionable in an instant.

Lots of Accessories

Leather belts and head scarves lend a bit of romance to any dress or skirt. Wear a black leather belt around the top of your chocolate brown leather pants, paired with a creamy white blouse and strappy heels, to create a warm and romantic look.

Pair a leather head scarf with a bright floral dress and you have created a feminine and chic look that can go anywhere. A contrasting or matching leather clutch or shoulder bag with dresses and skirts lends a beautiful look.

Leather boots or pumps make a bold statement at work, as well as with a pair of cropped leather pants for after hours.

Start Shopping for Leather Clothing

The only way to find out which leather items work for you is to go shopping! Most stores carry leather items-you just need to ask. Put on an outfit you already love, and shop for leather items that look good with it! It is a good place to start, and over time you will create your unique and stylish look containing leather.

If you’d like to see examples of a few leather outfits, take a look at P. Taylor’s online boutique.