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Why Choose P. Taylor Clothing for Women’s High-End Clothing?

The Inspiration Behind P. Taylor’s High-End Collections

If you’re shopping for women’s high-end clothing, you appreciate style that feels luxurious and lasts. You may have tried less expensive pieces and found they rarely last more than one season. Or maybe the lower priced brands don’t seem to fit consistently from one season to another, leaving you frustrated.

This is what inspired Priscilla Taylor to finally design her own perfect white shirt several years ago.

Priscilla yearned for a white “boyfriend shirt” that fit comfortably while exuding the chic charm often portrayed by Audrey Hepburn. It needed to feel and look luxurious whether going for a jaunt to the market, an uptown lunch or a last-minute flight with a quickly packed carry-on.

This began the creation of P. Taylor Clothing styles such as the Classic Shirt. Made from a unique, rich cotton blend, this oversized button-up shirt fits and flatters in all the right places, while forgiving wrinkles. It never pulls at the chest, arms or shoulders. You can wear the collar up or down. Buttons are placed perfectly with a covered placket that lets your jewelry or scarves properly accent your ensemble.

Priscilla masters each style with the same amount of detail and takes care to ensure each is made to fit consistently from one season to another. Your guesswork is over because you can count on P. Taylor for effortless fashion year after year.

How P. Taylor Makes Buying Women’s High-End Clothing So Practical

Many women today still share the same frustrations that Priscilla did, according to these 5 Features Women Want in Clothing:

  • Trendy yet wearable styles
  • Reasonably priced garments
  • Low maintenance care
  • Flattering shape that holds over time
  • Fashion and function

Whether you’re indulging in P. Taylor’s Essentials Collection, Peruvian sweaters or other luxury collections, you’ll find these qualities you expect in women’s high-end clothing, at last!

  • Timeless styles in colors that outlast fads
  • Reasonable prices for quality that lasts through many seasons
  • Easy care instructions with resistance to wrinkles
  • Shapes designed to flatter comfortably without pulling
  • Versatility with styles than can be worn solo or layered creatively

Ultimately, P. Taylor Clothing is designed to make you the center of attention, rather than your clothing. When you wear P. Taylor Clothing, you will feel confident and look beautiful inside and out!