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A Look at Women’s Fashion Trends: Starring the White Button-down Shirt

A Classic Shirt Travels Through Time

Women’s fashion trends are constantly changing, seemingly more quickly than ever before. Styles come. Styles go. Styles return, and the cycle repeats. But a few pieces stand the test of time, like blue jeans, that little black dress, and the beloved, white button-down shirt.

The White Button-down Shirt Offers Decades of Chicness

As early as 1948, the white button-down shirt made a fashion statement in Lauren Bacall’s role in the film Key Largo.

Audrey Hepburn sported her white button-down with striped capris looking super chic. And more recent actress Sharon Stone paired her white button-down with a Vera Wang evening skirt for an unforgettable look during the Oscars.

Our classic white button-down has not only remained a staple in women’s fashion trends throughout many decades, but it has been the catapult for new trends, too. Through and through, it reverberates a clean, striking chicness no matter how you style it. You’ll also see it paired with:

  • A high-waisted skirt or shorts.
  • Jeans of all sorts.
  • Ball skirts.
  • Fitted knee-length skirts.

You may even see one underneath a strapless ensemble, too.

The white button-down shirt will remain a timeless piece that conveys class, whether casual or cutting-edge, depending on how you style it.

The White Button-down Can Change with the Times, Too

While our White Classic Shirt remains timeless, we’ll see variations of it accommodate our changing fashion needs.

If you prefer snaps, instead of buttons for easier on-off action, consider the Stonington Shirt from P. Taylor Clothing. Finished nicely with a button placard, it’s easy yet as elegant as ever.

Or for a classic white shirt with a little more flow, slip on the Sonoma Shirt, featuring beautiful cuffs, a slight flare of the body and elegant detail of the back.

Remain Trendy with the White Button-down Shirt

  1. When it comes to women’s fashion trends, that classic white button-down shirt will always be in style.
  2. Get creative with accessories or what you pair it with, to pose a unique look.
  3. Find your classic version, or new favorite variations of it in fabulous styles from P. Taylor Clothing.

Keep a perfectly fitting white button-down shirt center stage in your wardrobe. Shop ptaylorclothing.com today!