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Why We’re Ditching the White After Labor Day Rule

white after labor day

There’s a number of fashion conventions that are no longer in vogue. We don’t have to match our handbag to our shoes anymore, women refuse to toss out their jeans once they hit 50, and yes, wearing white after Labor Day is not only acceptable but incredibly chic.

It’s time to rebel against the rules and keep your favorite neutral as your reliable canvas for all the stylish ensembles you’ll pull together when the colder weather hits. With a Classic White Shirt as your foundation and a few style tips, your wardrobe can easily transition from the heat of summer to the chill of winter.

Break Away from the White After Labor Day Rule

Go for Richer Fabrics

The P. Taylor Clothing button up shirt is made of high-quality fabric that’s not only breathable during the warm summer months, but substantial enough to fight off the cold the rest of the year. After Labor Day, pair the Classic White Shirt with a tweed skirt, structured trouser jeans or any other bottom in a heavy fall fabric. Or, top it off with a leather jacket, velvet blazer or cashmere cardigan.

Have Fun with Accessories

Escape the cold, gloomy days by adding excitement to your outfit with a little flair perfect for fall. Cinch your white collared shirt with a gold metallic belt. Choose a pair of booties in a rich teal or oxblood shade to add depth to your outfit. Go for a statement necklace in autumn-worthy jewel tones. Or add an on-trend faux fur vest for a look that keeps you stylish and cozy.

White Pants Still Work!

A pair of winter white jeans, corduroys or trousers can look incredibly stylish when blended into a seasonal-ready outfit. Add some riding boots, a comfy sweater in a dark shade, and a blanket scarf for a casual look or throw on a black silk shirt, a sexy pair of heels and a great belt for date night.

Blend Neutrals

A Classic White Shirt pairs beautifully with fall’s palette of brown shades. It looks flawless under a camel-colored poncho or cable knit sweater, works beautifully with a deep chestnut suede skirt, and lets your inner fashionista roar as the perfect partner for leopard-print scarfs, flats, and handbags.

Simple Sophistication in Seconds

A white wool peacoat is a style staple that adds immediate interest to a black or gray outfit or dress. Add a pop of color with some heels in a burgundy or wine shade, and you’re ready to walk the catwalk – or run errands. Another sophisticated option – mix a cream-colored moto jacket or sweater coat with a Classic White Shirt for a contrasting look that stays within the same family.

P. Taylor Understands White Fashion

Many outdated fashion rules are made to be broken, especially for today’s fashionable woman. By wearing white after Labor Day, you can extend your wardrobe beyond the summer months and find new ways to put your Classic White Shirt and other closet staples to work. Start creating your own signature look for the fall and winter by adding the perfect P. Taylor button-up shirt to your fashion repertoire – avaliable online now: