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Summer Vacations with P. Taylor: What To Wear Now

Summer Vacation Here You Come!

As spring breezes fill the air, many of us look forward to a much needed summer vacation. You may be getting ready for a cruise or a simple weekend getaway. But one thing is sure. You want to pack light and simple with some favorite, versatile go-to outfits.  And P. Taylor has exactly what you need.

When considering what to wear on vacation, take a look at the following ideas:

Going out for the day or evening? A couple of outfits ranging from casual to dressy is all you need.  An oversized button-down shirt with black trousers for a classy look.  A longer button-down with leggings or skinny jeans for casual outings (Think Audrey Hepburn).  A cropped button-down with high-waisted skirts or pants for a fresh look.

Even better, the P. Taylor Classic shirt can be worn many different ways, taking away your “what to wear with these pants”:

  • Opened as an outer layer with a pair of breezy wide leg pants
  • Buttoned up with chunky jewelry, black flats, and a pair of skinny jeans
  • Belted with anything
  • Under a lightweight sweater

Now that’s one shirt that can serve many functions throughout your vacation.  What to wear? You have the P. Taylor answer.

Pack Light and Smart

P. Taylor has a line of button-down shirts that are perfect for travel.  Made from luxe fabric blends that are resistant to wrinkles; they feel luxurious against your skin, and they are ready-to-wear right out of your suitcase.

If your P. Taylor shirt doesn’t stay as crisp as you would like over a long journey, simply put it in cold water and let it hang dry in your hotel room.  No fretting over what to wear, you will be ready to go in no time.

Pack the light and breezy Classic Shirt for a warm destination.  The Boston Shirt is great for a family gathering. Both come in various fabric blends, including 100% Tencel, which travels especially well.

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 Travel With P. Taylor Clothing

When choosing what to wear with P. Taylor Clothing, packing can be as stress-free and satisfying as your summer vacation.  And if you want some inspiration for your destination, find plenty of travel inspiration online.