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What to Wear Mid-July: P. Taylor

What To Wear In This Heat?

Baby, It’s Hot Outside

You’ve been there—stepping out of your house in a cute outfit, only for it to be completely ruined by the heat on those humid, 90 degree days. You’re not alone. It may seem almost impossible to look your best during the summer, and the what to wear question is front and center.

Dressing for the heat without sacrificing your style IS possible. To make the next few months a little more bearable, stick to styles that flow off the body. The less fabric touching your skin, the cooler you’ll feel. Dress lighter and in cool colors – not only will you feel cooler, you will look cooler too.  Lighter colors don’t absorb the heat like darker colors do-a big plus.

Cool Fabrics

P. Taylor’s shirts come in luxe cotton blends that will keep you cool and comfortable.  Our cotton blend Classic Shirt is perfect for this time of year – it breathes and flairs in all the right places.

Go Light

Invest in some summer whites, along with a pair of breezy Capri pants and colorful flats or sandals-this is a fantastic look for work or a warm weekend afternoon. Tweet this


Go For A Fresh Look

If you’re searching for a fresh look for July, how about investing in a P. Taylor button-down and tucking it into a pair of crisp blue jeans. Accessorize with a colorful bag, along with great shoes to tie the look together.  Another great idea for what to wear.

Button-down shirts, especially ones in high-end fabric like silk, generally have some volume. Tucking them into high-waisted jeans instantly shows off curves. Add a big, beautiful statement necklace and some strappy sandals and you are ready to go out on the town!

Stylish Stripes

Stripes make a great statement and are also key at elongating any body type.  They also offer a unique take on a traditional shirt.  P. Taylor’s stylish Tiburon shirt can go anywhere, and looks great dressed up or down.

P. Taylor For Hot Weather – It’s What To Wear

Find the outfit that you love; visit P. Taylor’s online boutique and check out all of her summer fashions. There is even a Summer Blowout Sale going on with her best styles as low as $89.00!  How cool is that?