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What to Wear: Transitioning From Day To Night With P. Taylor

P. Taylor Clothing Makes Transitioning Easy

If your typical day keeps you moving straight into nighttime activities, transitioning your outfit from day to night remains key to saving you precious time.  Wondering what to wear?  This is just one more reason why stocking your closet with P. Taylor Clothing makes perfect sense.

Transitioning from Day to Night: What to Wear?

Whether you work away from home or are simply on the go all day, you don’t want to worry about what to wear for your evening activities, whether it be knocking out a to-do list or attending a gallery.

The bottom line is that you want to transition your clothing from day to night as effortlessly as possible while still looking spectacular.

When you choose P. Taylor Clothing, you get exactly that—effortless fashion and style even as you busily move from your day into your evening.

P. Taylor’s luxurious shirts are made from exquisite fabric blends, and are personally designed by Priscilla (the “P” in P. Taylor) to give you:

  • Versatility—ability to layer and adapt to your changing surroundings.  Wondering what to wear will be a thing of the past.
  • Low maintenance—resistance to wrinkles.
  • Comfort—luxury against your skin, all day long.

Unlike those fabulous heels or commanding blazer, you will have no problem wearing your chic P. Taylor Clothing throughout your day and into the night.

Transition Tastefully with P. Taylor Clothing

Here are just some examples of transitioning tastefully with P. Taylor:

Day: Layer a luxurious Tiburon Shirt underneath a blazer and pair them with slacks and beautiful heels for work.
Night: Shed your blazer to better reveal your chic Tiburon Shirt, slip into your skinny jeans and sassier heels. Add chunky jewelry and electrify.

Day: Layer a lightweight sweater over our Classic Shirt. Pair this with pants or a flowing skirt and casual flats.
Night: Take off your sweater, knot or tuck your Classic Shirt in front at your waist and put on your fitted jeans. Opt for playful heels or boots and accentuate with one piece of eye-catching jewelry.

Of course, you can always plan for an evening out with a little change in your makeup and bag, too.

You can change the accessories, jewelry, shoes, or makeup and you have a whole new look!  Wondering what to wear will be a thing of the past.

If you’d rather spend more time playing and less time packing a complete change of wardrobe on busy days, choose P. Taylor Clothing to make your transitions effortless while remaining stylish and feeling great about how you look.  Tweet This