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What To Wear for Fourth Of July? – P. Taylor!

Can’t Decide On A Fourth Of July Look?

Wear What Makes You Feel Like A Million Bucks.

Whether you are going to a BBQ, a pool party, or to watch a fireworks display, the most important thing is to feel good in what you are wearing.  Let P. Taylor outfit you in fresh and beautiful colors and styles for the holiday.


Women want colors that make them feel stylish and confident, and that stand the test of time.  Pantone, the original color authority for printed materials, predicts fashion ‘colors of the year’ based on buying trends.

It’s always great to have colors that will convey confidence, style, and fun. The “what to wear” question is perennial. At P. Taylor, you will find answers to the “what to wear” question, along with a palette of luxurious colors.

Priscilla Taylor has carefully chosen a flattering palette of colors and adds colors to her selection depending on customer requests, rather than the current fads.  Her goal is to be fashionable for every season, regardless of the trend.

Go ahead. Indulge in P. Taylor’s luxurious fabrics, available in colors such as:

  • white, black, cream, taupe, grey
  • ice blue, ice pink, navy, olive
  • stripes in neutrals, red or blue tones

Fun With Color

Colors can be interpreted in many ways.  Attributes associated with blue include authority, peace, devotion, structure, and communication, along with being organized and practical. You may be a deep thinker who re-energizes best in your own company. Colors: What to Wear?

  • Royal blue indicates dignity like navy blue does, but with more complexity and excitement.
  • Purple exudes empowerment and femininity. Violet suggests sensitivity and compassion while a deeper purple indicates intuitiveness.
  • White expresses a sense of balance, purity, and strength

The bottom line is to wear colors that express your sense of style and make you feel wonderful.  Tweet This

Style – What To Wear

Hmm… What to Wear?  P. Taylor’s classic shirts are a great option for any event:

  • They’re Versatile: Wear it as a swimsuit cover-up, by itself, over a camisole, with cropped skinny jeans, or any cropped pants-casual or dressy.
  • They’re easy to accessorize; go on, wear your biggest, prettiest statement pieces!
  • They transition easily from day to night

If you’re thinking stripes for your “what to wear” on Fourth of July, P. Taylor has plenty to offer:

  • A striped shirt like the Classic Shirt from P. Taylor Clothing with jeans or capris (for a fun, casual look).
  • A striped shirt like the Tiburon Shirt with solid slacks (for a little extra chic flair).

P. Taylor Is Your Online Boutique for Fourth Of July

Don’t feel like wearing a classic shirt?  Take a look at P. Taylors online boutique for other beautiful outfits in a variety of luxe fabric blends and designs.  Happy Fourth!