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From Casual to Chic in Your Striped Button Up Shirt

See stripes of all sorts when you shop this season

From tops to bottoms, you’ll find traditional stripes and stripes you may have never seen before! You can even count on a favorite classic being converted—your striped button up shirt.

What’s the Story on Stripes?

Previously, fashion experts have advised to wear stripes carefully.

Wear them subtly, especially for work. Pair stripes only with another solid piece. Avoid mixing stripes. And if you dare to wear horizontal stripes, do it ever so cautiously as they can make your body look wider!

But this advice has gone by the wayside, and as with many other pieces, few rules apply now. In fact, perception experts suggest that horizontal stripes may actually help slim the body by introducing a third dimension of depth!

Fashion experts have always credited long, narrow, vertical stripes with elongating your figure. So a striped button up shirt lengthens your torso, while striped pants lengthen your legs.

As for mixing stripes, you may find more recent ‘rules’, but you will also find one single piece, like a dress, which breaks them!

Casual or Chic: How to Wear Stripes That Make a Perfect Statement

If you’re unsure about wearing stripes, you can always start with your accessories. Thin, neutral color stripes on a headband, scarf or belt can make your ensemble chicer. Bold, brighter color stripes give your outfit a more playful look.

If you’re ready to sport stripes of all sorts, try wearing:

  • A horizontally striped shirt with slacks or a solid skirt (classy).
  • A striped button up shirt like the Boston Shirt from P. Taylor Clothing with jeans or capris (casual).
  • A striped button up shirt like the Tiburon Shirt with solid slacks (chic).
  • Striped pants or skirt with a solid top (casual or chic).
  • Striped dress (casual).
  • Striped dress with a solid cardigan or blazer (chic).

Mixing and matching stripes take a little trial and error, so take some time to try on various stripes and styles while you’re shopping.

Stripes of all sorts can add casual playfulness or class to your wardrobe. So embrace, experiment and enjoy!