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How to Wear an Oversized Sweater So It Flatters

The Dos and Don’ts of How to Wear an Oversized Sweater

If you still have that oversized sweater in your closet but aren’t sure if wearing it will do your body any favors, fear no more! Sometimes that big, comfy sweater makes the perfect choice to complete your ensemble. Before you throw it on, though, revisit how to wear an oversized sweater, so it flatters you!

Of course, we all still love our favorite oversized sweater.

It adds warmth, allows free movement, and lets us layer to our hearts’ content.

But if you want a sweater that still flatters, choose an oversized sweater that isn’t bulky.

Then wear it with style.

  • Wear an oversized solid sweater with printed leggings, either full-length or cropped.
  • Or pair a printed sweater with solid leggings.
  • Put an oversized sweater over your button-up shirt. Add a brooch to your collar for accent.
  • Cinch your sweater with a wide, trendy belt that complements its color and fabric blend.
  • On a cold weather day, wrap a stylish, complementing scarf around your neck as an accent.

Then, finish off your outfit with flats, heels, high boots or even stylish socks and booties during cooler weather.

Find Your Perfect Oversized Sweater for Any Season

You don’t have to save your favorite oversized sweater for cooler seasons!

The Prudence Sweater from P. Taylor Clothing makes a fantastic transitional piece because you can layer it over a camisole, or a heavier shirt without adding bulk.

Choose the Butterfly Cardigan for any season too. It’s sheer and breathable, perfect for a flirty light look!

Have fun reviving your wardrobe with the latest how-to-wear-your-oversized-sweater styling tips. Or add to your favorites with one of many luxurious, lightweight, oversized sweaters from P. Taylor Clothing!