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Vacation Clothes: P. Taylor Has What You Need

Vacation Clothes

Ok so you are really going to take a vacation.  You have made your reservations. You have called the people who will feed the dog, cut your lawn, and check your mailbox. Just one last thing……looking in your closet for “vacation clothes”….

What To Wear

As you look through your closet thinking hmm…vacation clothes…. I could take this in case it gets chilly at night; it goes with anything, no, wait, it’s too heavy and maybe it won’t be chilly, and, oh these pants go with anything, but they are so old…, and “I wonder what other people wear to this place”….

It can be exhausting.  How about turning this situation around?  P. Taylor’s online boutique has a wide variety of stylish clothing from which to choose, for any occasion.

Pack Your Essentials

You’ve read plenty of ideas about how to pack light for vacation. But sometimes packing light results in you feeling….a little not like your normal, stylish self.  You don’t have to leave your style at home when you pack light.

Pack Your Style!

  • Choose neutral colors for your tops and bottoms so you can create several outfits with the same few items.
  • Pack more tops than bottoms since they weigh less and are more versatile. Vacation Clothes!
  • Choose tops that are layer-able, feel comfortable, require little maintenance and look stylish, like the Classic or Dolman shirt from P. Taylor Clothing. Wear it buttoned as a shirt or open it for a light jacket.
  • Pack plenty of accessories since they take up less space and can give your otherwise neutral vacation clothes lots of attitude, from elegant to sassy.
  • Pack just a few pairs of shoes— wear a great sandal or pack one pair of stylish flats that work for day and night, and one pair of casual slip-ons for shopping and running around.

Roll casual clothes for less wrinkling and to save space in your suitcase. Tweet This


  • Fold your shirts and dressier pieces, and put them on top of the rolled clothes.

P. Taylor Online Boutique The Vacation Clothes You Need

P. Taylor Clothing has the vacation clothes you need.  When traveling, don’t feel like you have to leave your fashionable self behind. A few favorite jewelry pieces partnered with your stylish P. Taylor shirts will make you feel like the chic women you are!

Enjoy that Vacation!