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Transform Your Long Shirt – Creatively!

P. Taylor Shirts As Accessories? Yes!

A women in a long shirt has been stylish forever!  The button-up shirt continues to be a staple throughout all kinds of fashion trends.  And now, wearers of the beloved long shirt have even figured out how to turn the favorite into a fashionable addition to any outfit.

Transform Your Women’s Long Shirt Into an Accessory

Pair your P. Taylor long shirt with a pair of slim-fit black pants accessorized with a statement necklace (or two or three), bracelets (if you are a bracelet wearer), earrings, and a pair of black sling-backs is always a great look; fresh and up-to-date.

Repurpose your favorite button up shirt, like the San Francisco Shirt from P. Taylor Clothing, into an actual accessory:

  • Slip it on as a lightweight jacket for a day or night out and about
  • You can belt it and wear it as a dress with leggings (Think Audrey Hepburn)
  • Wear it as a swimsuit cover-up during your beach adventure with family and friends

Add Dramatic Contrast

When you wear your long shirt as an accessory, you can always add a splash of color to your outfit.  Make Your Long Shirt a Canvas, and your accessories the art!  You’re essentially letting your shirt and accessories swap functions. You might be surprised at how stunning your long shirt can be as the backdrop as other items take center stage!

It’s Versatile!

Wear your long button-up shirt with a:

  • chunky, eye-grabbing necklace
  • wide, sleek belt
  • classy and striking vest
  • long, strand necklace with a drop or pendant at the bottom

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P. Taylor’s  line of button-down shirts  are perfect for any occasion.  Made from luxe fabric blends that are resistant to wrinkles; they feel luxurious against your skin.

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P. Taylor Has A Huge Selection of Beautiful And Stylish Shirts

We all want to look great and feel good in what we are wearing, no matter what the occasion. You will find a lot of options from which to choose on the P. Taylor website, including your favorite women’s shirt at P. Taylor’s online boutique today, and wear it as your main piece or as a background for your fabulous accessories.  Use your imagination-the sky’s the limit!