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The Beauty Of P. Taylor Luxe Blended Fabric

Experience The Feel Of Our Luxe Cotton Blend

Each piece captures the essence of Priscilla’s philosophy: fashion should showcase the woman, not itself.

Created with a Luxe Cotton Blend That Drapes Beautifully

The luxe cotton polyester blended fabric is tailored to wear easily, flatter a woman’s body and never pull at the chest, arms or shoulders.  Tweet this

Detail With Elegant Lines

Details like a covered placket provide a perfect backdrop for personal style accents, like jewelry and scarves. The collar is constructed to stand up or stay down depending on the ensemble.

The elegant and tightly edited line is carefully designed to provide endless fashion combinations women love – and love to wear. The fabric lends itself to a study in modern elegance, full of style, function and fit in equal measure.

Quality & Workmanship

P. Taylor clothing is made with a Luxe cotton polyester blended fabric of excellent Quality and Workmanship.  Higher quality material maintains shape and color longer, zippers stay covered, and buttons stay on.

Fantastic For Travel

The luxe cotton polyester blended fabric is perfect to take on short or long trips. Out of the suitcase or onto a hanger, you will be amazed at how quickly the fabric responds. It is ready to wear in no time at all.

Spills and Splashes

We have all have had the accidental splash or spill. The beauty of this fabric is that it is easily cleaned and ready to wear in a flash.

Longevityblended fabric

The high-quality luxe cotton polyester blended fabric will look and feel beautiful for a long time compared to lower end fabric.

Timeless Features

Excellent detail and workmanship are timeless features that wear well through many fashion seasons, and this attention to quality fabric and detail in creating a beautiful piece of clothing pays off for everyone.

Feel Beautiful In P. Taylor Clothing

The luxe cotton polyester blend feels fantastic against your skin, and you will look and feel great wearing it. Testimonials from P. Taylor’s many fashion followers are uplifting and wonderful to read.  Feel like shopping?

Take a look through P. Taylor’s online boutique and experience the look of beautiful clothing made from beautiful fabric.