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A Collared Shirt Makes the Perfect Summer Vacation Companion

Wear Your Collared Shirts Many Ways

Summer breezes fill the air now as many of us anxiously await a much-needed summer vacation. You may be getting ready for a well-deserved cruise or a simple weekend getaway. But one thing is sure. You want to keep packing simple with some favorite, versatile go-to, like the perfect women’s collared shirt and comfortable shoes.

Kansas City - Fall 2014

When considering what to wear with a collared shirt women can get creative.

We can pair:

  • An oversized button-down with black trousers for a classy look.
  • A longer button-down with leggings or skinny jeans for casual outings.
  • A cropped button-down with high-waisted skirts or pants for a fresh look.

Even better, you can wear your women’s collared shirt many different ways, like:

  • Opened as an outer layer.
  • Buttoned up with chunky jewelry.
  • Belted.
  • Knotted at your waist.
  • Under a lightweight sweater.

Now that’s one shirt that can serve many functions throughout your vacation!

Choose the Right Women’s Shirt for Travel

Keep packing ultra simple when you choose a women’s collared shirt that resists wrinkles. That’s what makes button-down shirts from P. Taylor Clothing perfect for travelling.

Made from fabric blends that are resistant to wrinkles while feeling luxurious against your skin, you’ll be impressed with how ready-to-wear your P. Taylor Clothing shirt is right out of your suitcase. If it does happen to wrinkle over a long journey, simply put it in cold water and let it hang dry in your hotel room and enjoy!.

Pack the light and breezy Kansas City Shirt or Classic Shirt for a warm destination or the Boston Shirt for a family gathering. Both come in various fabric blends, including 100% Tencel, which travels especially well.

Enjoy your vacation, even more, when you discover how to pack all things light. And if you are ready to go, but need help deeming your destination, find plenty of travel inspiration online.

When you choose a designer women’s collared shirt from P. Taylor Clothing, packing can be as stress-free and satisfying as your summer vacation!