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Summer Clothes for Women: Dress for the Weather

Summer Clothes for Women

Comfortable Summer Clothes for Women

The sun’s rays are beating down this summer, but don’t let the heat interfere with your style! You can still stay cool while looking your best. Whether you are attending a summer BBQ, a walking down the beach, or just enjoying the warm weather, dress comfortably.

Here are some tips for dressing for the warmer months ahead:

Choose Breathable Fabrics

When the temperatures soar, choose cool fabrics that will keep you feeling breezy all day long. Some of the most breathable fabrics are cotton, linen, rayon, chambray and silk. Another trend is seersucker, which is actually a cotton-based fabric with a unique woven pattern. Always be sure to read the label for how to care for each type of fabric, so your favorite top doesn’t shrink or fade when you wash it.

Shop For Lighter Colors

Pack up the black and navy until fall, and opt for light-colored clothing this summer. The darker hues absorb more heat, but lighter tones reflect the rays, keeping your body temperature regulated. It’s the perfect time to slip into white pants, paired with a festive colored top and hit the town for a cool night out. Or reverse the look with the Classic Shirt from P. Taylor and light-colored pants, with fun jewelry to accessorize the look.

Go Flowy

Avoid form-fitting attire in the heat, and enjoy a relaxed, carefree look. Loose, flowing tops are a great choice for summer, allowing your skin to breathe and you to remain more comfortable in tropical or humid environments. Casual sundresses, peasant skirts and A-line skirts are perfect for hot summer days, whether you’re at an outdoor festival, having drinks on a patio, or headed to church.

Dress For the Weather with P. Taylor Clothing

At P. Taylor, we have a wide selection of summer clothes for women, featuring bright color palettes and comfortable, versatile tops for any occasion. Turn up the heat with styles that leave you feeling fresh and fabulous this season. For all-season designs, shop online and check out your guide, How to Choose the Perfect Shirt, to discover what you need to know before picking the perfect shirt styles for your body type.