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Tips for Perfect Layering

Add depth to your look with some of our favoriteslayering

Many times, women think that layering clothes will give them a bulky appearance or hide their figure, but in reality, layering done right can have the opposite effect. When you wear complementary layers, it gives the appearance of a proportional silhouette.

With P. Taylor’s Spring 2016 Collection rolling out into stores, it is a great time to start practicing the perfect layering style. Here are some quick ideas to help get you started.

Piece by Piece

If you aren’t sure where to begin, a P. Taylor Classic shirt, Kansas City shirt, or our Sonoma Shirt is a great choice. Your bottom layer should be a lightweight, simple top that you feel comfortable in. From there, add a soft piece like a cardigan or sweater. This is a good place to add a pop of color if you like! The next layer to add is a coat or a jacket, and we recommend another neutral color here.

Find a cute scarf to tie the look together, and also incorporate a little more color into your ensemble. The last layer is a few accessories that add a little shine to give the perfect finishing touch…throw on your favorite statement earrings or cocktail ring, and dazzle everywhere you go.

Tricks of the Trade

  • If you are worried about losing your waistline among the layers, throw on a cinched belt to give a slimming effect.
  • Texture, texture, texture! Incorporate some versatility with the fabrics of your layers. If you layer wool on wool on wool, it’s much more likely to appear bulky. Get creative and add some contrast to your overall look with different materials.
  • Don’t forget the importance of proportion. The lengths of your layers make a difference. Pair long jackets with shorter hems, and looser-fitting tops (we recommend our Piedmont shirt!) with fitted pants. The contrast will make a difference in the aesthetic appeal.

The goal of layering clothes is to create depth to your look. Most P. Taylor designs are versatile and classic, allowing you to create the perfect layers for a variety of occasions.

Check out our newest line of Special Edition tops, created in partnership with our favorite artists, to create stunning layered looks for work or leisure.