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Shopping For Quality Designer Clothing

Why Shop For Quality Designer Clothing?

I have a secret I will share with you. I have quality, designer clothing that is 15 years old, and still looks as good as the day I bought it (I am referring to my favorite shirt). It still fits me like a glove, and I feel fabulous in it.

It Wears Better

Ptaylor-Stitch2015-Blog I didn’t care that I could have bought 4 less-quality, non-designer shirts in the same style, for the price I was paying for this one shirt. It wears better over time!

Outstanding Workmanship and Quality Material

It is as pretty as the day I bought it, and I knew by the feel and look of the material and the way it was sewn together, that it would last a long, long time. The workmanship is outstanding. This is why I shop for quality designer clothing. I am not knocking other clothing; I just prefer the benefits of higher quality designer clothing.

Take a look at PTaylor’s online boutique; you will see what I am talking about. The quality of the detailing; buttons, zippers, and snaps, is better.  Let’s just say clothing maintenance is not on my to-do list–ever.

A Great Investment in Yourself and Your Time

I look at my quality designer purchases as investments in myself and my time. When I look good, I feel good. And when I feel good, I am giving off that positive energy everywhere I go and to everyone I meet. My time with my friends and family is priceless, and buying quality designer clothing saves me shopping time. I don’t have to run to the mall every few weeks to re-buy or return things.

Purchasing Quality Designer Clothing is A Smart Thing to Do

  • Outstanding Workmanship and Quality Material – Fantastic fit, Lasts Longer
  • It Wears Better
  • A Great Investment In Yourself and Your Time – Look good, feel good! No running out to the mall last minute to replace a shirt with a just discovered hanging hem or broken button.

Want to find a great selection of high quality designer clothing? Do what I did, go online to PTaylorclothing.com/apparel, and up your fashion game immediately.