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Boutique Spotlight: Lindisima Act 2

An encore for this boutique!


Lindisima Act 2 has been with P.Taylor for several years – a very stylish store that knows what their customers like and provides them with excellent customer service. Linda Bottmeyer, the owner, has a special knack for looking at a person, evaluating their personal style, and pulling just the right pieces to put them in to make them feel like they are on top of the world, ready to take on anything that lies ahead.

Unique Location

One of the best things about this store is the unique location it holds just north of San Francisco, in a small community within Greenbrae. Greenery and natural beauty everywhere. Any outfit in the store can be appropriate for any day in this beautiful environment. Tweet this

Lindisima Act 2

Find Classic And Effortless Style At Lindisima Act 2

In their location, a P.Taylor Stonington Shirt is a must have. “It is our best selling style and people can’t get enough of it,” says the staff. Being just north of San Francisco, the general style tends to be classic and effortless and the staff uses P.Taylor to help all those lovely ladies to achieve that gorgeous look.

Every season they style the shirt differently. Most of the colors that they order are neutral, which allows for great accessorizing. Either with a scarf and a dark pair of jeans or an incredible statement belt, their displays and customers are the most well dressed people in town.

The atmosphere in the store is airy and inviting, virtually asking you to come in and try on one of the looks they have on their mannequins.

High Quality, Luxe Fabrics

The customers at Lindisima Act 2 particularly call out the quality of the fabric in P.Taylor shirts – it is clean and crisp but not stiff. “They love the option of dressing it up or down,” Bottmeyer says. You can see a few examples of just how they do P.Taylor Style in the photos below.

Get some great new ideas for how to wear your favorite P.Taylor pieces. One of the stores best accessories are the many unique jewelry lines that they pair with each of their P.Taylor shirts. They add to the sophistication and style of the entire look.

Lindisima Act 2Lindisima Act 2

Lindisima Act 2: Chic Style

If you are in the area and looking for unmatched quality and classic fashion, please stop by and see Linda at Lindisima Act 2, in her fantastic location. Not only is her entire store a great place to look for a chic style, but she is absolutely the one to help you with all of your P.Taylor needs!