Priscilla Taylor

It’s not just fashion…

It’s my passion

I’ve always had a love affair with white shirts. I grew up in the Midwest and spent summers with my grandparents who lived next to the Mississippi River. Being fair skinned, a white shirt went over my bathing suit and with my cut off jeans and flip flops. When my grandmother and I would venture into St. Louis for grilled cheese sandwiches and people watching at Woolworths, I would wear my white shirt tucked into a skirt. So I can truly say a white shirt has been my “go to” piece for as long as I can remember.

I’ve had varied career pursuits, or as I like to phrase it “different lives.” From the arts to beauty, real estate, interior design, retail store owner, property manager, not to mention an avid collector of antiques and jewelry. That is until I turned 62. One night, I was looking through my closet at 16 white shirts and decided that I had nothing to wear. My body had changed! Shirts were not long enough to cover what needed to be covered, too tight in the armhole, too tight in the bust! So I decided to make my own shirt, which seemed so simple at the time…little did I know! I grabbed a bottle of wine and ventured to my neighbor, who manufactured clothing. And I designed the classic shirt that I wanted. I ordered 18 white shirts all for me.

When the shirts arrived, all of my friends and stylists wanted one. Another night with some wine went by and I announced to my husband that at the age of 62 I was going into the shirt business. My husband has been with me a long time so he arched his eyebrows, smiled and shook his head. “What are we going to call this new business?” he asked. I replied “P.Taylor Clothing, of course!”

My shirts, sweaters, and clothing represent my lifestyle, changing depending on who I want to be. Clean, classic, with a little pop here and there but never overly trendy. I want to present a canvas for all the special scarves and jewelry that I have collected over the years. These pieces can be worn day to night only needing to change a few accessories. They travel easily and look fabulous on all ages. And while the white shirts are the core of P.Taylor Clothing, I want people to smile, love the styles, and feel fabulous in them.

Now, three years later, I am continuing to develop and refine the style that our P.Taylor customer wants. Through changing colors, silhouettes and fabrics, I have been able to create a brand for our niche market that is growing across the country. I invite you to try our signature P.Taylor style and see just how fantastic you look and feel.

Pricilla Taylor