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How to Wear Stripes in Winter

How to Wear Stripes

You have to feel just a little bad for stripes. While a staple in the summer, with their starring role on sundresses, shorts, and t-shirts, stripes are often pushed to the sidelines in the colder months. But keeping them in the back of your closet means you miss out as well – on the flattering lines, bold colors and impeccable style offered by this versatile pattern.

A Woman’s Guide for How to Wear Stripes the Right Way

It’s time to release your stripes from their winter hibernation and bring them out into the open all season long!

Mix and match your look. Blending patterns is a chic way to add visual interest to any outfit as long as you use it in moderation. Top your striped long-sleeved tee with a plaid blanket scarf or add a leopard-print clutch or flats. Combine a striped jacket with a flowered tee or polka dot blouse. Or, pair a great striped top with a flowered pencil skirt in rich winter shades. The trick is to keep the patterns simple and stick with colors in the same family.

Consider stripes a neutral. Even as a pattern, a two-toned striped shirt is an ultimate basic, creating the perfect foundation for accessorizing. Shake up a navy-and-white top with a skater skirt in cranberry or emerald. Dress up a t-shirt with a bold statement necklace and faux fur vest. Add a camel-colored wool coat or cozy cardigan to a black-and-white striped knit dress and finish it off with black tights and booties.

Add pop to your work wardrobe. Winter can feel dull and gloomy. When you need a quick lift, switch up the basic button-downs you wear with your suits and skirts with a striped shirt alternative. Vertical stripes immediately slim you down while the bold colors lift you up. Also, consider swapping your suit jacket for a striped blazer throughout the winter to double the use of your neutral bottoms – just make sure to stick with a modern, fitted cut.

Leather up! Steal a look from the chic streets of New York by taking a simple black-and-white striped shirt and styling it with a leather jacket and chunky black scarf. Another option? Break out your black leather pants, gray cashmere cardigan, and striped top to combine attention-grabbing textures with chill-fighting comfort.

Shift your perception. Instead of thinking of stripes only in vertical or horizontal terms, consider wearing stripes set in a diagonal pattern. Not only is it more visually interesting, it’s more flattering than horizontals on a curvy figure. Look for a simple diagonal in a wrap dress. Or, go for wider lines and bolder colors on a skirt so you can easily finish it off with a simple tee and fitted jacket to bring attention to your shapely hips and gorgeous legs.

P. Taylor Clothing Makes Wearing Stripes Simple

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