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Learn How to Pack Light, Style Included!

Pack Your Essentials

You read plenty of ideas about how to pack light. And of course, packing light makes sense so you have less luggage to juggle and drag around. But sometimes packing light results in a suitcase that looks more like a survivor kit. Inevitably, you feel a little…naked, and not your normal, stylish self. How can you have a good trip if you’re not feeling up to snuff?

Remember, “essentials” means things you need, not want or prefer.

You need certain toiletries to feel clean, but maybe you can use the hotel’s supply instead of packing your bulky bunch of products. Or at least transfer some of your favorite must-have products to travel containers. But besides toiletries, make sure you pack:

  • Passport, tickets, credit cards, phone, charger, medications
  • Tops, bottoms, sleepwear, swimsuit, little black dress if needed
  • Shoes, socks, underwear, bras, accessories

Pack Them Like a Pro

Be assured. You don’t have to leave your style at home when you pack light.

  1. Choose neutral colors for your tops and bottoms so you can create several outfits with the same few items.
  2. Pack more tops than bottoms since they weigh less and are less re-wearable due to the sweat factor.
  3. Choose tops that are layer-able, feel comfortable, require little maintenance and look stylish like a Peruvian sweater and Classic shirt from P. Taylor Clothing.
  4. Pack plenty of accessories since they take up less space and can give your otherwise neutral outfit lots of attitude, from elegant to sassy.
  5. Use plastic bags to prevent leaks in your luggage. And use them to separate your dirty and clean items coming home.
  6. Pack just a couple pairs of shoes—one pair of comfy flats that work for day and night, and one pair of casual slip-ons that can double as slippers.
  7. Roll casual clothes to save space and put them in the bottom of your suitcase. If you have dressier pieces, fold them neatly and put them on top of the rolled clothes.
  8. If you’re flying, wear any heavier or bulkier items on the plane instead of packing them.

Whether traveling for work or pleasure, don’t feel like you have to leave your fashionable self behind. A few favorite jewelry pieces partnered with your trendy P. Taylor tops will make you feel like the chic, successful commuter!