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How to Layer Clothing For Versatility and Style

Midnight Cape - Fall 2015Be practical and stylish during changing weather

When the weather cools off, but it’s not yet cold, determining your day’s outfit can be more difficult. Layering your clothes allows you to avoid feeling too warm or too cold no matter what the day brings. But let’s review how to layer clothing in ways that are modern and stylish.

Picking out your layers

No real ‘rules’ apply when it comes to layering nowadays, but here are some guidelines:

  • Mix and match textures, color and lengths.
  • Choosing mostly lightweight layers so you will still be comfortable.
  • Keep your under layers more fitted to maintain a slim frame.
  • Leggings or skinny jeans make great options for your bottom half’s base layer.
  • Fitted t-shirts, camisoles, oversized button-down shirts and jackets or cardigans can flatter your upper half.
  • Eclectic jewelry, striking scarves, bold belts and shoes that make a statement can help perfect your outfit.
  • Short jackets, cardigans over long button-down shirts look flatter and modern.

How to layer clothing > putting your pieces together

Have fun putting your layered ensemble together. Here’s one example of how to layer clothing fashionably:

  1. Choose your bottom layer, like leggings or slim pants.
  2. Start with a lightweight, fitted camisole or t-shirt.
  3. Add an oversized button-down in a solid color like the San Francisco Shirt from P. Taylor Clothing.
  4. Then layer on a warmer vest or jacket.
  5. Belt your top layers if you want to add definition to your waist.
  6. Embellish with chunky jewelry or scarves if your outer layer isn’t too bulky or textured.
  7. Finish your ensemble with the perfect shoes.

Aim for at least one layer of solid color and some balance in your upper and lower halves for a put-together look.

For more suggestions on how to balance your proportions, download How to Choose the Perfect Shirt for Your Body Type for free.

Get creative with how to layer clothing. You can put together an outfit that flatters your figure while keeping you comfortable no matter what the weather brings!