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What Colors Do Women Want Most In High-End Clothing?

When you invest in high-end clothing, color is crucial. Women want colors that are trendy and colors that will make them feel stylish and confident. And when buying high-end clothing, they want colors that will stand the test of time.

It’s probably not a big surprise that women crave a variety of colors for their high-end wardrobes; neutrals, pastels, brights and rich earth tones – and tons of them!

They also love stripes, dots, and other feminine patterns.  We see grey mixed with brown, and sequins next to denim.

Even Pantone, the original color authority for printed materials, now predicts a fashion ‘color of the year’ based on buying trends.  The color of the year for 2015 is Marsala – a beautiful deep red that can be worn for any season. Tweet this

Choose Colors That Stick

Of course, women want colors that splash—colors that will convey confidence and class, style and fun. At P. Taylor Clothing,  you will find a palette of luxurious colors that communicate boldness in a subtle way. After all, once you find that unbeatable comfy high-end classic shirt or elegant cropped cardigan, you want to buy it in a color that weathers the constantly changing trends.

High-End Clothing In Flattering Palettes

Priscilla Taylor has carefully chosen a flattering palette of colors that are trendy but classy, and smart. She adds colors to her selection depending on customer requests, rather than the current fads. Besides, if you want more pungent colors in your wardrobe, you can always add a bright cami or statement jewelry.

Go ahead. Indulge in our luxurious fabrics, available in colors such as:

  • white, black, cream, taupe, grey in our cotton polyester blend
  • ice blue, ice pink, navy, olive, blood orange in a flowing cotton nylon spandex fabric
  • stripes in neutrals, red or blue tones

Shop P. Taylor’s online boutique

Shop P. Taylor’s online boutique; you will find exquisite high end clothing that you will wear confidently no matter what the color of the year is!