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What Moms Should Wear to Graduation

Dressing for GraduationLakeview Shirt

Moms, you enjoyed your day of glory on Mother’s Day. Now it’s time to celebrate your child’s hard work during graduation, which is still a celebration of all your parenting efforts! Make dressing for graduation simple with a designer classic women’s button up shirt from P. Taylor Clothing.

Whether you like to plan your outfits ahead or throw them together
on the whim…

You can dress with class for graduation by taking a few small steps.

  1. Find out if the school enforces a dress code for graduation.
  2. Choose timeless pieces that won’t clash with your child’s clothing and that you will enjoy seeing in graduation photos for years to come.
  3. Keep it simple with streamlined silhouettes and solid colors, as discussed in this article on eHow.

While you may not want to dress too conservatively, you can certainly flaunt a little fashion as you commend your child for all his or her accomplishments. And you can do it simply with a classic women’s button up shirt, accessorized appropriately!

Making Your Women’s Button-up Shirt the Perfect Piece for Graduation

Graduation ceremonies range from casual to formal. That designer women’s button up shirt hanging in your closet (if you didn’t just wear it!) can make the perfect starting piece for your outfit, no matter what type of ceremony. It can be…

  • Kept casual with slacks and flats or sandals.
  • Dressed up with a longer skirt or heels (choose wedges or chunkier heels that won’t stick in the grass if outdoors).
  • Transitioned simply from formal to casual or vice versa throughout all your activities.
  • Layerable for all types of weather. Wear it as a jacket over a camisole or as an accent piece under a sweater.
  • Easily accessorized with any jewelry, from classic to chunky, or with a scarf or belt.

And when you choose a button-up shirt from P. Taylor Clothing’s Essentials Collection, you will exude the confidence and pride that has helped make your child so successful. Its lightweight fabric allows effortless wear and the unique fabric blends resist wrinkling after you sit through the ceremony and stand for celebrations.

Plus, you can choose subdued or neutral hues or a shade with a little vibrancy — whichever lets you express your joy best!

This graduation is a once-in-a-lifetime achievement for your children. Wear style and pride when you choose your simple women’s button up shirt as part of your celebratory outfit no matter what the weather holds!