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Fall 2016 Fashion Trends: P. Taylor Predicts With Fall Collection

Fall 2016 Fashion Trends

Recently, we rolled out the P. Taylor Fall 2016 Collection and these new designs are right on target with the best trends for fall. We’ve chosen a few of our favorite looks below, but check out our full collection to find your perfect fall fashion ensemble.

Fall 2016 Fashion Trends That Won’t Disappoint

Smooth Sailing in Navy

One of the fall’s top shades is navy, and P. Taylor has you covered. Try one of our Classic tops in this hue with a sleek pair of dress pants for a sophisticated ensemble. You’ll be singing the blues for all the right reasons this fall!

Formal and Fun in Gray

Another fall trend is shades of gray, and our new collection features fresh designs that are fit for the runway. Our Piedmont Shirt (shown below) paired with classic black leggings offers the perfect balance of style and comfort and is versatile enough for formal or casual occasions.

Fall 2016 Fashion Trends_Piedmont Shirt

Pretty in Pinstripes

Perfect for business formal or simply a sophisticated night out, pinstripes are making an appearance this fall. Whether it be pinstripe pants, suits or skirts, our Classic shirt is a stunning complement, ensuring you remain professional and stylish at all times. Command attention when you walk in the room with this fashion-forward look.

Dress Up Your Neck

Accessorize your look this fall with adornments around your neck! Get creative with diamonds or chunky statement necklaces, and leverage one of the season’s hottest looks. From sassy to elegant, P. Taylor’s fall collection is prime for purposed jewelry.

Fall 2016 Fashion Trends_Chunky Necklaces

For a more stylish fall look, pair our new Faux Suede Stonington Shirt (shown on the right) with a chunky necklace for the perfect night out. Shop our Side Slit Sweater (left) and Kansas City Shirt (middle) on our online boutique now!

Timeless Staple for Every Season

Do you have a specific, go-to piece in your closet that you can mix and match with any outfit? Considered as an important essential for every wardrobe, the Classic White Shirt (shown below) gives completes any outfit. Available in a range of fall colors, shop for your favorite Classic Shirt now!

Fall 2016 Fashion Trends_Classic Shirt

Get Your Hands on the Latest P. Taylor Fall 2016 Fashion Trends

As the warm days soon changes into a cool fall, explore our outerwear and staple pieces available now in our online shop or find our latest collection in a boutique near you. And don’t forget to keep up to date with upcoming events!