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Dress Formally With Comfort

Anyone’s Best Defense is a Good Offense

So when deciding what to wear for a formal event, choose an outfit you feel fabulous in. Make sure to dress it up using the right combination of accessories and the perfect pair of shoes.

Case in point checks out this Cashmere Tank Tunic at P. Taylors’ online boutique. It is soft, comfortable, and elegant. Think Audrey Hepburn.

Pair P.Taylors’ Cashmere Tank Tunic with a beautiful necklace and earrings, along with a pair of black heels and a clutch, and BAM!

You’ve got your formal outfit that is also so soft and comfortable. Gone are the days of all formal events requiring conservative and even long dresses and the highest of heels.You can elevate the look of most dresses to formal wear using your most beautiful accessories.

Make your formal wear comfortable

Let’s say you have formalwear that you’re not wearing because the material feels a little uncomfortable against your skin, or you want to slim your waistline. There are clothing accessories you can buy today to create the silhouette of your dreams so don’t let that formalwear hang in your closet!

Also, choose high heels that that are comfortable and complement your outfit. I know, you are now saying to yourself “yeah right.” But you can! If necessary, purchase shoe accessories that make them comfortable. You can find gel pads and/or inserts (at most drugstores) for most shoe styles-even kitten heels.

I can’t tell you how great it is to put on a beautiful pair of high heels (they don’t have to be that high either; I have seen some stunning silver flats that look perfect with your formal outfit, and also feel perfect on your feet.

So Ladies, we can dress formally without compromising our comfort. The standards for formal wear are more relaxed, leaving us with more options. We can elevate the look of our nicest outfits into formal wear using accessories and a little panache.