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Dress for Spring: Graduation & the Essential Collection

Graduation Time is Here!

You are wondering what you will wear. There will be hundreds of young people dressed like young people, and their parents dressed for the occasion too.  And of course, a ton of caps and gowns.

It’s that time of year, kids graduating from high school and college.

There are a number of routes to take as far as what to wear. A dress? A skirt and blouse? A pair of pants with a stylish shirt and accessories?

Traditionally, moms have worn dresses or skirts. However, it seems we are moving away from this into a more personal, strong and feminine kind of look.

The Classic White Shirt

The Classic White Shirt with a pair of slim-fit black pants accessorized with a statement necklace (or two or three), bracelets (if you are a bracelet wearer), earrings, and a pair of black sling-backs is always a great look; fresh and up-to-date.

A Sweater and Leather

Classic Shirt - WhiteIf the weather is going to be chilly, a chic black side-slit sweater with a pair of slim black leather pants is oh-so-stylish and cutting edge. And you won’t have to wear a bulky sweater or jacket to keep you warm, (and have to haul around once you are inside, along with everything else everyone has asked you to carry).

More Conservative

Do you think the graduation may call for something a bit more conservative? A good bet is something with a stand-up collar, and hidden buttons, along with a pair of slim black pants. The Stonington Shirt in P.Taylor’s Essential Collection is conservatively classy.

Look Good, Feel Good

We all want to look great and feel good in what we are wearing, no matter what the occasion. We also want to wear something that is fitting for the occasion, in this case, graduation(s). When the day comes to decide what you want to wear, all of these things and more (weather, what is so-and-so’s mom wearing…) will come into play.

For the clothing part of the decision, take a look at P.Taylor’s Essential Collection. Not only will you find the outfits mentioned above, you will find a lot more options from which to choose. And congratulations on the graduation!