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Designer Women’s Leather Jacket: A Gift of Timeless Fashion

Leather Lasts

Hopefully your holiday shopping is in the homestretch, and you’ve found the perfect gift for everyone on your list. It’s time to reward yourself! Celebrate your holidays with a new designer women’s leather jacket from P. Taylor. It’s a luxurious addition to your wardrobe that will deem you stylish for years to come.

A leather jacket will give you a lifetime of timeless fashion because it will not go out of style.

In fact, a leather jacket often improves with age, becoming “vintage”. Plus leather is bold. It doesn’t make a subtle statement but shows your personality proudly. Finally, leather is durable. When taken care of properly, it will weather lots of wear.

Leather Offers Versatility

Leather jackets can protect you from the elements, which is why they were invented in the first place.

But now, leather jackets are more popular for the statements they make. A leather jacket can be worn for any occasion. Wear a cropped beige leather jacket to spiff up a dress, or over a long blouse with your jeans and boots for a sportier look. With so many colors and styles of leather jackets, you can find a different one for each occasion or one for all occasions.

P. Taylor Clothing favors the classic motorcycle jacket in neutral colors. The shorter lengths of our designer women’s leather jackets flatter any body type. And we offer more neutral colors that will withstand any changes in taste you might have over the years, too.

As with all of our pieces, we have designed a leather jacket with superior comfort and fit in mind. P. Taylor leather jackets have been tailored to narrow and flare in all the right places.

P. Taylor’s Zip Off Moto Jacket

This holiday season, treat yourself to the most luxurious designer women’s leather jacket you will ever own.

Choose from the Moto Jacket in pearlized beige or pearlized khaki and the Zip Off Moto Jacket in pearlized beige, pearlized khaki or smoke grey. This leather jacket doubles as a stylish vest, too. Both come in lamb’s leather.

Find a boutique offering P. Taylor’s effortless, luxurious fashions near you, and indulge in a gift that will make your statement year after year.