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What to Look For in Designer Clothing: A Guide

Browse Fashion Publications – Online and in Print

Look online, browse through fashion magazines. And when you see something you like, cut it out, circle it, bookmark it – whatever is the easiest way for you to remember the designer. Try not to have an agenda as you look; if you like it, save it!

Go Inward

What are a few of your current favorite wardrobe pieces?

Purses, shoes, scarves, belts, vests, blouses, sweaters, skinny pants, skirts, dresses? You may want to zero in on purchasing a favorite designer piece for a couple of the fashion categories that you already love.

Go Shopping!

Go directly to the “Designer” clothing section of the store, and if you don’t already have a designer in mind, try on everything that you like. This will naturally help you discover the designer clothing you like best for your personal style. For example, if you’re hunting for a pair of designer boots, choose a pair that when you try them on, you say to yourself “Oh! These are going to match great with my new pants and blouse!

Or, if you just love them and don’t have anything to wear with them, go ahead and buy them, then go back to that gorgeous designer rack of clothing you walked by earlier and try them on until you find your perfect look with those flashy new boots.

Start with a few versatile pieces

If you want to purchase a designer piece to accent your wardrobe, try a designer jacket that could be worn with pants, a dress and more. Or, basic designer clothing, like jeans or blouses, can be worn with many things, so you’ll have several outfits with a designer touch.

Choose accent pieces that will make your wardrobe “pop.” You could look at a designer wallet, or maybe even sunglasses. Sunglasses can be worn with all kinds of outfits to give you that glamorous look you’re searching for.

Technically speaking:

  • Make sure it fits your body perfectly. If you are not sure, take your measurements! You want to spend your money on a designer piece that fits your body perfectly. No compromise here!
  • Make sure you are buying an authentic designer piece. Check the spelling and/or the designer logo very carefully, especially if you are shopping online. You will find a lot of “copycat” clothing spelled very similar, and with similar logos. Ask the retailer about their guarantee of authenticity if shopping online, because let’s face it, you can never be too careful!

Choosing Designer clothing, or any outfits for that matter, is a process – so make it fun! Discovering the “designer” you like best is like discovering the makeup that works best for you. If it makes you feel pretty, go for it! Remember…

  • Browse Fashion Publications – Online and in Print
  • Go Inward
  • Go Shopping!
  • Start with a few versatile pieces
  • Make sure it fits your body perfectly
  • Make sure you are buying an authentic designer piece

While you are browsing, be sure and take a look at the P. Taylor Clothing online Boutique; lots of styles and ideas from which to choose!