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Top 10 Clothing Trends for 2015

New Year New Look – Clothing Trends for 2015

Wow! 2014 is already over! We have been looking through the many predictions for clothing trends in 2015 and have compiled a list of the most common trends listed for 2015. Some of these may surprise you, and others are still big from 2014 and will stay that way in 2015.

So here goes….2015 clothing trends, we welcome you!

01. Trousers

No more pencil-thin looks for jeans and trousers. The big look in 2015 seems to be a regular fit that seems to widen at the knees downward. Not quite a “flare”, but almost.

02. Gingham

Gingham will continue to be one of the most popular patterns, in a range of colors and styles. Look for those little checks to be big and bold, with everything from sheers to trousers; swingy and fun.

03. Shoulder-Baring

Shoulder-baring looks will continue to be big. Whether off-the-shoulder or bold one-shoulder necklines, it’s going to continue to be a very stunning and dramatic look.

04. Suede

“Suede is the new leather.” Suede Trench coats, skirts, and classic boot-cut pants with a soft touch were all over the fashion runways for 2015, in all colors from pastel purple to bold blue.

05. Fringe

Fringe is back in a big way, and it isn’t all suede and saddlebags. You will see lots of skirts/dresses with fringe hemlines, and even blouses.

06. Out-of-the-Ordinary Animal Prints

Designers seemed to have a safari in mind as they present dresses, ponchos, blouses, and just about every other wardrobe piece, in everything from scorpions to beasts.

07. Sporty Minimalism

No doubt about it, the athletic influence upon our everyday wear is a hugely popular look and shows no sign of slowing down in 2015. Definitely a slam-dunk daytime look, we are even seeing parts of this look in early-evening wear!

08. Layering Skirts

A new layering style for the more daring: short peplums or wrapped skirts over a dress or a pair of jeans creates an interesting and attractive look. It may be one of the biggest hits of spring 2015.

09. Bold Stripes

Found on nearly every single Spring runway, stripes are making a major statement, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the bigger, the better. Instead, we’re seeing designers play with positioning and placement. Let’s bask in the freshness of these strong, multi-colors, non-nautical stripes while we can.

10. All White

All white everything seems to be a pretty common thread throughout the preview looks at 2015 fashion.

Gone are the rules of when you can wear all-white; it’s about how you wear it. Mixing textures, layering multiple pieces and pairing various shades of white is a stunning look, and one of the most popular looks on the runway.

To recap the list for a quick look:

01. Trousers – not so thin
02. Gingham – all styles and colors
03. Shoulder-Baring – both or one
04. Suede
05. Fringe
06. Out-of-the-Ordinary Animal Prints
07. Sporty minimalism
08. Layering skirts – over anything!
09. Bold stripes – big and in all colors
10. All White – not when to wear, how to wear

With all of the fringe, suede, and even gingham, we felt like we were in the 70’s again, bit with an added touch of elegance. The regular fit trousers also seem to be a welcome look, away from some of the body-hugging, unforgiving pencil leg pants of the 2014 season. The sporty, chic look in 2014 will continue to be big in 2015, and it is refreshing to see that the rule for wearing white seems to have disappeared; it is beautiful in any season.

It is great to be aware of the trends; it enables you to use your wardrobe in new ways, perhaps even wearing clothing you have saved but never thought you would need or wear again. And of course, there is always shopping for new clothes – something that will never go out of style.

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