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How to Accessorize With a Cardigan Sweater

The Cardigan Sweater: Accessorize It!

The Cardigan Sweater, WOW. Its’ come a long way, baby. From its’ classic beginnings as a lightweight button-down v-neck sweater made popular by the handsome Paul Newman and popular Frankie Avalon, to the latest fashionable open-front design on Womens’ fashion runways all over the world.

Gorgeous v-shaped necklines, stylish sleeve lengths, exotic fabrics.

this is no longer Paul or Frankies’ cardigan. Pair it with a sharp button-down shirt or tank, a pair of leggings or straight-leg pants, and a big, beautiful statement necklace—and you’ve put together a sharp and stylish outfit that can go from a great lunch with friends, to an evening out for dinner.

I especially love the interest that a statement necklace adds to this look. I can’t tell you how many times someone has asked me “Where did you get that necklace, it’s gorgeous with that outfit.” And it’s always when I wear my favorite v-shaped neckline cardigan that frames my big, beautiful necklace perfectly.

How to Accessorize With a Cardigan Sweater? – It’s easy!

With so many different cardigan styles, accessorizing is easy; just choose any statement necklace, earrings, and even cuff style bracelet(s) that you feel good in! A cuff bracelet looks especially sharp with the beautiful Patrice cardigan; a wrap style with ¾ length sleeves and a beautiful body drape (take a look at this in the PTaylor collection).

Breezy fabrics like Pima cotton and Pima bamboo hang beautifully and breathe, keeping you stylish and comfortable at the same time. And I don’t know about you, but that is my idea of the perfect outfit.

Take a look at the Cardigan(s) in the PTaylor online boutique; I am glad I did. Not only are the cardigan sweaters beautiful; they are paired with the most exquisite accessories.  I just had to find out where to buy the statement necklaces and other accessories shown with PTaylor’s clothing line, and I did!

The most talented Jane Signorelli and Sally Drennon are the designers/artists behind the beautiful statement necklaces and other accessories.

I love it when I can get the accessories with the item I just bought! Not bad for a days’ shopping.  Now on to Jane Signorelli and Sally Drennon to buy the perfect statement accessories…