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Quick History of the Button-Up vs. Button-Down Shirt

Button-Up vs. Button-Down Shirt

A staple for every closet – and for every age. Button-up shirts have been a fashion trend for many decades, and we don’t see fading anytime soon. But did you know there is a difference between referring to this type of shirt as a button-up vs. button-down? Not earth-shattering news, but it’s good to know, nevertheless.

Distinguishing Between a Button-Up vs. Button-Down Shirt

We’re laying out the facts to help you determine if there’s really a difference between the two. Here’s the button-up vs. button-down scoop:

Dress Up with a Button-Up Shirt

Button-up shirts have…buttons all the way up the front. Button-ups may or may not have collars; they come in all sorts of fabrics, and they can be styled casually, professionally, and formally.

Our button-ups are versatile and offer multiple styling options. Wear them open over a camisole or lightweight t-shirt, or button them over jeans or leggings for an entirely different look. Pop the collar and add a chunky necklace – our shirts let you be you! Have fun by creating your personal look, especially with a shirt like our Classic Shirt; the options are endless.

Dress Down with a Button-Down Shirt

Button-down shirts have buttons all the way up the front, but they also have buttons at the ends of the collars to hold them in place. In other words, button-down refers to the type of collar a shirt has, not to the shirt itself. Button-downs are considered casual and they don’t offer the flexibility of button-ups.

Why the Difference?

While we’re at it, here’s another bit of fashion trivia: There’s actually a compelling,reason why men’s and women’s shirts button on opposite sides. Men’s shirts were originally designed with swords in mind. Most men held their sword in their right hand, so they needed to be able to unbutton with their left hand. Conventional wisdom says wealthy women set the fashion standards, and wealthy women needed help with their fancy garments that typically had an excessive number of tiny buttons. Buttons were sewn on the side that would make it easier for their right-handed servants to fasten. And this placement of buttons has continued to this day.

Either Way, You Should Have One

While knowing the subtle difference between a button-up vs. button-down shirt is small-talk trivia, we hope you find it useful as you build your personal style portfolio. Plus, you’ll sound as stylish as you look. Whether you care if your buttons are on the left or right, P. Taylor Clothing has the perfect shirt for every wardrobe. Ready to check out some fabulous button-ups, like those pictured below? Explore our online boutique now, or visit a boutique near you.Button-Up vs. Button-Down Shirt_P.Taylor Shirts