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Best Times to Buy Clothing: Smart Shopping for All Seasons

Discover the best times to buy clothing throughout the year

Many things in life require advance planning: vacations, career changes, education, house renovations and more. Buying clothing might not be an area you typically plan ahead for, but knowing the best times to buy clothing can save you money and help keep your budget on track.

As with most industries, clothing retailers operate on a basic supply and demand cycle, and we’re here to share tricks of the trade to help you fill your closet with your favorite trends at the right times.

Winter Apparelbest times to buy P. Taylor clothing

By January, prime outerwear selling season is over, as most people have already purchased warm clothing for the winter. Retailers are often trying to push additional inventory out the door, and chances are that this merchandise will be heavily discounted. It is the perfect time to purchase winter wardrobe staples (like our Vermont Jacket), as well as kids’ outerwear in sizes that will fit them the following winter.


Once February rolls around, start thinking accessories! There is a special holiday mid-month when jewelers anticipate a spike in business, leading to competitive sales. When you spy a necklace or pair of earrings that would complement your favorite Classic P. Taylor shirt perfectly, hold off until your jeweler announces those hard-to-miss Valentine’s Day deals.

Athletic Attire

When the sun finally starts to melt the snow, you’re ready to pack up the overcoats and wool socks. It’s time to emerge from hibernation and finally take a jog outside, or play a casual game of tennis with your girlfriends. Retailers sense your spring fever, and right around May, exercise apparel typically goes on sale. Take full advantage of these deals, and stock up on comfortable exercise attire that will last you the rest of the year.

Summer Apparel

Sundresses, capri pants, breezy shirts and dressy shorts are in high demand once the weather warms up, but wait until the later summer months to score the biggest savings on these seasonal items. You can expect a wider selection of summer inventory in July, but the discounts typically increase in August.

Luxury Designs

Keep an eye out for your favorite high-end designs near the end of the year. Many luxury brands are heavily discounted around the holidays, especially on Black Friday in November and the week following Christmas at the end of December. Here at P. Taylor Clothing, we just wrapped up a huge Holiday Sale that featured our top-selling items at dramatically reduced prices.


The best part about P. Taylor Clothing is that our designs are elegant and timeless. You can purchase seasonal items during the suggested timeframe, and enjoy a stylish ensemble year after year. Knowing the best time to buy clothing saves you time and money, and the return on investment from choosing P. Taylor is limitless!