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The Best Necklaces to Pair With Your Button-Down


From casual day-to-day to bold, sensational style, you can create the perfect statement necklace outfit for any occasion. If you’re wondering how to add a pop of color or a trendy piece to your timeless P. Taylor button-down tops, here are some simple tips.

Edgy Chic

For a look with a little more edge, try a chunky, geometric statement necklace – and don’t be afraid to mix and match shapes! Wear it with an undone button down Classic shirt, resting just above the neckline of your favorite cami. Throw on a moto jacket for the perfect finishing touch.

Boldly Conservative

Enjoy the best of both worlds when you juxtapose an eye-catching statement necklace with a modest look. Button up your Tuxedo shirt all the way, and accessorize with an oversized brightly-colored necklace that lays under the collar, creating a stunning contrast with designer appeal. Keep in mind, the length of the necklace should fall just at the clavicle.

Sophisticated Class

Pair the P. Taylor Fearrington shirt from our Fall 2016 Collection with a chunky pendant-style necklace, creating sleek lines and drawing attention to the elegant neckline. The necklace should hit at the top of your bust; a necklace that is too long competes with the shirt’s vertical button placket in this instance.

Dressy Casual

Another type of statement necklace to pair with a button down shirt is one that sparkles. Add some bling, whether it be large stones or rows of smaller diamonds, and take your Georgia shirt or even a chambray shirt to the next level. This look is great for both casual or semi-formal occasions, and you’ll be turning heads with an outfit that is off the charts in comfort and style.

Anytime you plan a statement necklace outfit, remember that the length of the necklace should be based on the shirt’s neckline. Depending on the formality of the occasion, choose accessories that complement your attire and the environment. A long necklace can sometimes get lost in an unbuttoned shirt, but often is a beautiful choice to pair with a buttoned-up Classic shirt.

For more ideas, check out our Spring and Fall Collections to see how others are dressing up their P. Taylor button-down tops all year long! Find P.Taylor clothing from a boutique near you: