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About P.Taylor Clothing

How the Luxurious, Over-Sized Women’s Shirt Was Made

It all started with Priscilla Taylor, who knew exactly what she wanted from the perfect white shirt.

It had to fit as comfortably as a well-worn boyfriend shirt, while channeling Audrey Hepburn’s tailored chic style – whenever Priscilla slipped it on.

It had to look luxurious and be ready to wear after being packed away in a carry-on bag, or on a jaunt to the market with jeans and flats.

After years of searching, Priscilla was driven to design it herself.

The Luxe Cotton Blend Shirt That Drapes Beautifully

Our philosophy centers around offering designs that will be enjoyed for any occasion. 

Elegant lines are impeccably tailored to wear easily, flatter a woman’s body and never pull at the chest, arms or shoulders.

Masterful details like a covered placket provide a perfect backdrop for personal style accents, like jewelry and scarves.

The collar is constructed to stand up or stay down depending on the ensemble.

Now every woman wants the shirt off Priscilla’s back.

Each design is:

  • A study in modern elegance
  • Utterly wearable
  • Full of style, function and fit in equal measure

The tightly edited line is carefully conceived to provide endless combinations of pieces women love – and love to wear.

About P.Taylor Clothing

Meet Our Team

Passion and dedication are integral to the overall success of our team and for the customers we serve.

Through a dynamic company culture, our team works tirelessly to provide our valued customers with the best in products and service. Always working in excellence, we strive to create a delightful consumer experience that satisfies the needs and desires of our customers.


“P.Taylor Clothing is not only a job, it’s a family.

We all work as a team to get everything ready for every new season of clothing, every trade show, and event that we are a part of.

Our shipping days are my favorite – we come in ready to receive all of our customers’ orders in our workout clothes, order in food for lunch, and stay as late as we need to in order to get everything organized and ready to go.

With our music blasting and our positive team around us, we lose track of time and the work gets done before you know it.

At the end of the day, I go home with a smile on my face, having had a great day with people who I am now happy to call my work family.”

– Zee