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3 Reasons Why Audrey Hepburn is Our Style Icon

p taylor clothing audrey hepburn styleAudrey Hepburn and the Classic White Shirt

Known for her iconic roles in beloved movies like Breakfast at Tiffany’s and My Fair Lady, Audrey Hepburn also took center stage in the world of fashion, with a classic style that spanned decades. From the little black dress to perfectly tailored cigarette pants, she dressed in a way that exuded elegance while still reflecting her youthful spirit.

In his book, Audrey Hepburn: An Elegant Spirit, her son, Sean Ferrer, said this about his mother’s perspective on fashion: “[She] believed that a woman should find a look that works for her and use fashion and its seasonal changes to accessorize it, rather than to be a slave to fashion, re-creating one’s look over and over again.” Tweet this

At P. Taylor Clothing, we believe you should look great, but also feel great. Each P.Taylor piece features luxurious comfort, and is designed to be simple and flattering, inspiring confidence.



Audrey Hepburn’s signature style was based on simple pieces, which she wore consistently. One example is the white shirt, much like the P. Taylor Classic Shirt. Pairing it with a sleek pair of pants, she perfected the look of a crisp white button-down. Other timeless fashion choices included black flats, oversized sunglasses and dark crewneck sweaters. All of these pieces are versatile, allowing the wearer to customize her ensemble to fit the occasion. You can also choose the P.Taylor Kentucky Shirt to tuck into a high-waisted pair of pants that creates a timeless look.

Her son said this about her classic fashion: “If there was timelessness, it was because she believed in quality, and if she is still an icon of style today, it is because once she found her look, she stayed with it throughout her life.”


Another reason we adore Audrey Hepburn’s style is because she chose pieces that flattered her features and complemented her natural beauty. As someone in the public eye, she made modest, elegant clothing choices that resulted in her platform as a fashion icon.

French designer Givenchy once told a story about Hepburn and the boat neckline. He said that she was drawn to it because it “hid her ‘skinny collarbone but emphasized her very good shoulders.’” She was careful to wear designs that highlighted the areas she felt most comfortable with – which leads us to our last reason.


Audrey Hepburn chose a style that made her feel comfortable in her own skin. She did not shift her fashion philosophy as new trends emerged and was not willing to sacrifice comfort solely for the sake of couture. By learning what worked for her body as well as opting for a simple, refined look, she was confident in outfits for any occasion.

Our goal at P. Taylor is to create designs that are modern and elegant, full of style and function. We create pieces that are timeless, allowing you to tailor each one for special occasions, seasonal changes and to reflect your unique personality.

Audrey inspired our initial designs, but it goes beyond that. When you wear one of our Classic Shirts or Outerwear designs, we want you to feel that its simplicity flatters you and gives you confidence. Our hope for every piece is that you not only love it, but love to wear it.