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Every woman has been there. We find the perfect shirt in the store only to get home to discover it’s not as flattering as we pictured it to be.

With the P. Taylor Classic White Shirt, there’s no second guessing when it comes to creating a head-turning look. With its impeccable construction, luxurious fabrics, and relaxed fit, our button up complements your figure and offers the perfect foundation for any outfit you create.

Download our go-to style guide, The Classic White Shirt for Every Body Type, to discover why the P. Taylor button-up is the must-have for your closet and find style tips that can help you create a chic look in minutes.

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  • The benefits of the P. Taylor Classic White Shirt and why it fits every woman.
  • Details on the advantages of having the perfect white shirt in your closet.
  • Style tips for outfitting the button up for your personality, body shape, and region.

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